Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Waterless car wash in a bottle


The exterior of my car is rarely clean; I try to keep it just grime-free enough to fly under the radar of anyone who might be tempted to etch "wash me" on the door. I'm doing my part for the environment - a typical professional car wash uses 20 to 45 gallons of water, while a home car wash uses 80 to 140 gallons.

Now there's a waterless car wash option, and it doesn't even require that you waste gas driving away from home to use it. Green Earth Waterless Car Wash is a product in a spray bottle. You spray your car with it (car can be dry or wet), and it dissolves dirt automatically without rinsing. A 32 ounce spray bottle costs $23 and will last through 7 to 10 washes. Containing organic soap and surfactants, the product is biodegradeable, free of dyes, fragrance, Paraben and VOCs.

My question: Can you use it to wash the outside of your house, windows and all?

Via CNET's Green Tech Blog.


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