Thursday, January 3, 2008

TN Games readying 3rd Space GFR Vest and HXT Helmet

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Details are still fairly light on this one, but the folks at TN Games have just dropped us word that the company is about to expand its line of wearable gaming devices, with its new 3rd Space GFR Vest and HXT Helmet set to make their official debut at CES (if you're curious, those acronyms refer to G-Force / Racing and "Head and eXTremities," respectively). The new get-ups will complement the company's existing 3rd Space gaming vest (pictured at right) which, as we previously reported, was originally developed for medical applications before being re-purposed for gaming. While we'll have to wait for CES to get the full rundown on the new gear, both the helmet and vest promise to deliver "simultaneous physical impact and sensations directly to player¹s bodies from the virtual gaming environment," along with a "conveyance of acceleration, deceleration, centrifugal and G-force effects" in the case of the vest. Needless to say, those with weak stomachs will probably want to sit on the sidelines this time around, as we're guessing these'll pack a bit more punch than that Aura Interactor vest collecting dust in your closet.


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