Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Morphie provides extra iPhone power on the go


If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone, you may have some issue with power (ehm . . . don’t we all). Fast approaching to the market is a sophisticated power pack called The mophie Juice Pack. I predict that this will be a handy piece of gear that will be fast-adopted by the iPhone elite (sense my envy?).

The mophie Juice Pack comes fully pre-charged and ready to go straight out of the box. Simply plug in your iPhone to the fully pre-charged Juice Pack and double the time you spend rocking, talking, surfing and sending!

Major mophie Juice Pack Features:

Smart Power Management System

Your iPhone Adaptor or any iPod connector can be used to charge the Juice Pack without your iPhone or with your iPhone simultaneously.

Smart Battery Technology

Instructs the iPhone to always drain out the Juice Pack first. Simply detach the Juice Pack when you're finished, and you still have a fully charged iPhone.

Powerful and Safe Battery Cell

The Juice Pack utilizes a safe, advanced rechargeable lithium-polymer battery cell. There is a built-in circuit to prevent the Juice Pack from shorting, overcharging, and behaving badly under extreme weather conditions.

4 Light LED Battery Status Indicator

There are 4 light LEDs on the back of the Juice Pack. Simply press the test button and it will tell you how much power is left with the Juice Pack. The LED lights also indicate the charging status and the charging progress.

(Available for pre-order)

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