Thursday, January 3, 2008

Smartparts prepping a 32-inch photo frame, another with built-in printer for CES

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The last time Smartparts hit us with CES-related photo frame PR, we pretty much told the company to stop wasting everyone's time and either go big or go home -- and it looks like they decided to go big, because this year we're being treated to the world's biggest digital photo frame, the 32-inch SP3200. The 16:9 frame sports a 1366x768 resolution and Smartpart's OptiPix tech, but until we hear some pricing info we're not going to be convinced that frame sizes haven't hit the point of diminishing returns. Smartparts also says it'll be rolling out the SP8PRT frame with built-in photo printer, but it's not giving up any other details just yet -- but we'll get it out of 'em in Vegas, just you wait.


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