Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Eco-friendly bamboo laptop


Gadgets that do their bit for the environment and also manage to score well in the looks department never fail to get my approval. The latest in that honours list is the eco-friendly notebook dubbed as "Eco Book" from Asustek. Plastic casing has always been criticized for its damaging effect on the environment, and since harvesting bamboo causes less strain on the environment than processing wood from trees, it emerges as a better "natural" choice. The eco tag comes from the fact that it is completely encased in natural bamboo. For the design conscious, the laminated bamboo strips will be available in various shades. The laptops are currently in the prototype stage, and the commercial release is expected to happen soon. No details on the pricing yet but expect this product to be in the premium range. Sadly, as of now at least, being good to the earth costs a bit more.

Via Yahoo! News.


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