Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Xbox Live Video Marketplace launches in five new countries

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Right on cue, the Xbox Live Video Marketplace has indeed launched in Europe today, and our neighbors to the north are being treated, too. Effectively immediately, Xbox Live users in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom can dip into features made available to Americans last year. More specifically, gamers will be able to rent downloadable flicks in HD and SD forms, and while the former will run folks "as little as 250 Microsoft Points (£2; $4.06)," high-definition versions will cost upwards of 380 Points (£3.20; $6.49). Also of note is the inclusion of additional Warner Bros. films such as Batman Forever, Batman Returns and Analyze That -- all of which will be available by the year's end. Lastly, Microsoft will be offering up a "mystery HD [Warner Bros.] title" to UK users for just £0.99 ($2.00) on December 28th, but we can't say we're brimming with excitement over it.

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