Sunday, December 30, 2007

Full Video Demo of Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Features [IPhone]

new-firmware-video.jpgIf anyone had any doubts left about the 100% veracity of the Apple Firmware 1.1.3, here is full video demonstration of most of the new features, from GPS-like cell-tower triangulation positioning to multiple-recipient SMS, Google Maps hybrid map view, application moving and saving web bookmarks as Springboard icons:

As you can see in the video (which is having server problems right now, according to Andru at Gearlive) there are still some hiccups in this version of the firmware. You can see it crashes while trying to move an application icon from one page to the other (something that didn't happen in Nate's video demonstration, so it appears to be random.) When you hold an icon on the same place for a moment, the icons start to wiggle showing that you can move them around, even inside the dock. Click the home button and the changes will be set, with the icons wiggling stopping at once.


The whole firmware seems solid from top to bottom in terms of features. The updated Google Maps looks amazingly good: the new Core Animation-like effects, with the page curling to reveal the new view options (like hybrid map view or the pin dropping,) not only looks absolutely fantastic but make the interface much clearer and better than before.



The ability to drop pins looks quite polished too, as well as the GPS localization with triangulation. Although triangulation doesn't give your exact location, it shows the area in which you are located.



Likewise, all the other new details seem quite polished. The long-awaited multiple-address SMS is finally here and works as expected.


And the ability to add HTML bookmarks as Springboard icons will be a definitive time saver, as well as a great way to access Web-based applications.




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