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Using Safari on iPod touch and iPhone with websites containing frames


* Last Modified on: December 10, 2007

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Some webpages are organized into frames, where each frame displays a different web document. You can use Safari to browse and scroll through web pages containing frames by using two fingers simultaneously. When you use one finger to flick or drag up or down, you are scrolling through the web page. When you use two fingers to flick or drag up or down, you are scrolling through the frame.

Note: On a computer you will be able to scroll through such frames using a scroll bar.

Frameset on a computer

On the iPhone and iPod touch these frames do not contain any scroll bars and each frame of such frameset will be expanded to fit it's content.

Frameset on iPhone and iPod touch

In order to browse through such frames and see all of its content you will need to use the two finger scroll technique instead.

With .Mac Mail on the web, you have a preview pane window. When you select your email in the Inbox while using Safari, you need to use the two finger flick or drag up or down solution to scroll through the body of that email message. When you use just one finger, you are scrolling through the web page so you won't be able to see the body of the email message. KEYWORDS: ktech kiphone kipodtouch Did this article help you?

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