Monday, December 24, 2007

Urban Collectables hand-burnt toy cars


Rather than give your son false hopes of one day being able to drive a luxury sports car or shiny speed demon with a set of Hot Wheels toy cars, give him a harsh dose of the real world with a $50 Urban Collectable instead.

The cars in this series will yank the wool from your child's eyes faster than the high-speed chase the toys were likely involved in (before they were individually hand burnt and otherwise destroyed, of course). Yes, it's time to stomp on little Tommy's foolish dreams of polishing a red Ferrari or weaving through traffic in a Porsche. His chances of becoming a well-adjusted adult and contributing member of society are much greater if he can imagine the events leading up to the creation of the joyridden 2-door hatchback, petrol-bombed jeep, and minivan/insurance scam.

Via iliketotallyloveit.


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