Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Philips LivingColors Lamp Video Review (Verdict: Million-Color Light Kicks Ass) [Philips LivingColors Video Review]

Today I went to buy some lights for our Xmas tree and came back with a Philips LivingColors, a beautiful lamp with high-power LEDs which combine to produce any color in the spectrum, controlled wirelessly with an Apple-style remote. Here's our 60-second video review.


The first thing I saw was that, with a $215 price in Europe (which probably will be less when it reaches the United States next year,) it better had better psychedelic effects than LSD. However, while it may seem expensive at first sight, the LivingColors's price is absolutely reasonable, given its design, wireless remote controls and it's lifespan coupled with the very-low energy consumption: it has a 100,000-hour lifespan thanks to the use of LEDs and consumes a lot less than comparable incandescent lights, which obviously can't produce the same kind of lighting (in addition, it's not hot to the touch. It's so cool that kids can touch it and probably lick it without risks.)

In other words, after all my playing with it, the LivingColors lamp is absolutely worth it if you are into lights (which obviously we are), with amazing controls, elegant design (the metal interior inside the clear bubble is fantastic) and awesome hues. If you are looking for an ambient light to your home or office, I highly recommend it. [Gizmodo Spain]


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