Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Make Your <i>World of Warcraft</i> Character Into an Action Figurine [Gadgets]

Creating an "">
action figure
that kind of looks like you is cool and all, but
if you're a World of Warcraft player you're probably more
attached to your virtual avatar's looks than your own. That could
be because you spend more time grinding than washing yourself, but
if that's you, FigurePrints can make a scale model of your
character for the relatively low price of $115 (including

They'll take a snapshot of your toon wearing whatever armor you've got on now, so make sure you've got on epic gear before you make your order. If you're a low-level character, we suggest trying to beg some armor off someone just for the sake of doing this, and returning it afterwards. Unfortunately WoW is so popular with 10% of the world's population currently registered that you'll have to sign up for drawing—you can't just order directly. [FigurePrints via DVice]


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