Monday, December 10, 2007

LG Super Blu BH200 now available

LG Super Blu BH200 now available

LG's second generation Super Blu Player, also known as the BH200, is a hybrid player that does both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs with the intention to cater to consumers who, in a nutshell, just want to watch movies that they like without worrying about what format it comes in. The beauty about the BH200 is its ability to access over 50% more high definition movie titles than any single format player. It boasts BD Standard Profile and is compatible with BD Standard Profile 1.1 as well when that becomes available next year, web-connected interactivity with a number of HD DVDs as well as the capability of upscaling standard DVDs to full HD resolution. Just in case you haven't converted your entire audio CD collection to the MP3 format just yet, the BH200 reads those just fine as well. The BH200 is available throughout the US, retailing for $999 a pop.

HD format war - who cares?

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