Sunday, December 30, 2007

iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 Video and Evidence Confirms Update Is Real, Breaks Unlock, Third-Party Apps [Breaking]

DarthVader-iPhone-113.jpgHere's a video of the allegedly iPhone Firmware 1.1.3. Update: It is very real, according to Natetrue and the evidence we have gathered from him. Knowing that the mighty Natetrue (the author of iBrickr, a must for any Windows iPhone owner) has recorded it—and what he has shared with us—we are inclined to think that the new 1.1.3 leak is very real indeed. The video shows how to move icons around in the Springboard, with them wobbling to indicate they can be drag and dropped around, kind of like Apple-meets-Nintendo touch:

(UPDATED: We talked with natetrue and he has given us a lot of new information about it. Full update after the jump)

We had our doubts, but now we know: it is real and it may be here as early as next week. "If it is a hoax, they did a buttload of work" Natetrue told us, "it installs on the phone no-questions-asked and for that you need to have Apple's private key, which i can confirm that the iphone hacker community does not have—as much as we would love to have it." Indeed, Apple's private encryption key hasn't been uncovered yet.

I breaks AnySim's unlock and you can't unlock this update using AnySim and activation only works if you do it through iTunes using a regular AT&T account, as he pointed out: "that is the only way we have been able to activate so far." Nate tried to upgrade an AnySim 1.2u iPhone and it failed. Even while he was able to force it to boot, the phone refused to activate even with a normal AT&T SIM card. "I suspect it's due to the fact that the baseband could not be upgraded to the 1.1.3 'required' version", he pointed out.

Your third-party apps will be gone too, with no possibility of return for now because the update fixes "the jailbreak method we were using for 1.1.2, locking us out again, as expected."

The list of new features are confirmed too: all are correct, but he couldn't confirm if they are the only ones or not.

Many of you would be wondering how this could have happened, knowing the extremely tight security around the iPhone firmware updates. We don't know, but apparently the leak has occurred because someone wanted to help the unlock effort. Why the update hasn't hit Torrent yet? The code could be watermarked to catch any leaks "so for now it's screenshots and videos." Distributing it won't make much sense, however, as it seems that the iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware update could hit as soon as next week.

Stay tune for more updates. [ - Thanks Nate for your insight and Markus for the tip]


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