Monday, December 24, 2007

HyOn's D5 navigator sports dual-DMB tuner

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We'll admit, HyOn's D5 sure looks a lot like the Xent X3, but unlike its predecessors, this fancy navigator rocks a dual-DMB tuner. That's right kids, this Korea-only unit sports a single integrated DMB module that supports both T-DMB and S-DMB, and if that wasn't enough to get you in a tizzy, it also features a 800 x 480 resolution LCD, a SiRFstarIII GPS chipset, dual 1.5-watt speakers and an integrated antenna to pull in those DMB waves. Thankfully for those of us pouting about not having a residence in Seoul, this thing costs a whopping ₩490,000 ($520) in 2GB form or ₩530,000 ($563) for 4GB, so it's not like you'd buy one even if you could. Okay, so maybe you would.


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