Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Gift Guide: For Technophiles

For the tech-geek in your life - a few things to keep them plugged in for the holidays.


Sony Rolly SEP-10BT Sound Entertainment Player

Imported from Japan, this hand-sized sound system holds 1GB of flash memory. The side flaps open to reveal the speakers, and it comes with a docking station. GeekStuff4U.com is offering this “first one on the block” gift for $456.56. (Ray)


Samsung i85 Camera

Slim, stylish, well-equipped, and available in different colors to suit your personality. It's everything you've ever wanted in a mate, um, camera! The i85 from Samsung features 8.1 megapixel resolution, a 3" hi-resolution LCD screen, hi-res SVGA MPEG-4 video capability, face detection mode, and a 5X optical zoom. It also boasts a built-in media player so you can enjoy music, videos, or even movies without having to carry another device around. It also replaces the tourist guide book with its World Tour Guide function, which covers over 4500 regions. All in all, it's got quite a lot more than your average camera. Now, if it could only make the travel arrangements... Available at the Popgadget Pop-Up Store at Henri Bendel. $350. (Brian)


JVC Bath MP3 Player

Not only is this MP3 player waterproof, but it floats as well. 4 AAA batteries provide enough power for 15 hours of music. The memory is a bit low, with only 256MB, but definitely enough storage to play music to last a hot bath. Buy it at GeekStuff4U.com for $225.45. (Ray)


Smooth moves, smoother sound

You're a person on the move and your moves are inspired by sophistication and comfort. Bang & Olufsen gets this perfectly, and for you they've created A8 Earphones. These earphones are designed to perfectly fit the contours and curves of your individual ear and promise to deliver unsurpassed sound quality. The Earset 2, companion Bluetooth mobile phone headset, promises to "make your whispers sound convincing." Price: $450 at Amazon. (Chrissie)


Xbox 360 Elite

The hard-core gamer in your life will love the special edition Xbox, with sexy black case and matching wireless controller, Xbox Live headset and two games. The 120GB hard drive can save games as well as other media such as movies and television. Available at Target for $449. (Ray)


Jawbone Bluetooth headset

The Jawbone has quickly become the darling of the wireless set. Achieving CNET's highest rating ever for a Bluetooth headset hasn't hurt either. If you haven't heard, the Jawbone is not only a super-stylish accessory, but a super-engineered one, as well. It features adaptive "Noise Shield Technology" that not only works to virtually eliminate any background noise, but adapts the speaker volume to the environment. The result? Callers hear your voice without any background noise and you hear theirs loud and clear. Features a very respectable 6 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time. Available at the Popgadget Pop-Up Store at Henri Bendel. $120. (Brian)


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