Monday, December 10, 2007

Free games to play on your iPhone


Not all games have been optimized for the iPhone equally. In fact, I found quite a few clunkers that seemed to exist only to take your cash, advertise dubious services, or bombard you with cut-rate graphics. Shudder. These five games, added just this month, test your strategy and timing while offering above-average graphics.

Don't forget to review the games on CNET, or serve up your own favorites in the comments below.

501 Darts

501 Darts is a two-player strategy game that pits you against your cut throat iPhone. The goal is to roll down your points from 400 to zero by lobbing darts where it counts--in the highest point zones possible. Tap the red button once to set your horizon and once again to choose the vertical axis. Then watch the arrows fly. The game is fun, but lacks settings to change the game style, pause or save a game, or even reduce the points if you want a shorter game.

501 Darts is free, but supported by a banner ad that doesn't obstruct the graphics, though it certainly won't beautify them either....


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