Monday, December 10, 2007

Digital tombstone fails to catch on

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A few years ago, a company thought they'd hit upon an ingenious enhancement for modern cemeteries -- namely, a tombstone with an embedded video screen. The idea was that visitors to your grave-site could watch a slideshow of images, all while listening to accompanying audio (accessible via a handy headphone jack) -- like a giant, morbid iPod. You would think an idea as modern and tasteful as this one would have caught on, but apparently after years of work, maker Vidstone LLC is still not seeing the numbers. "I haven't sold any," said Doug Ellis of Riverview Monuments in Wisconsin -- a sentiment not uncommon amongst dealers. Cheri Lucking, Vidstone's national sales director says, "We don't release our sales figures," adding, "It is not a huge number at the moment." We're wondering what our forward thinking, gadget-obsessed Engadget readers think... would you drop the $2,000 for a "Serenity Panel?"

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