Thursday, December 27, 2007

Booq 90 Series SlimCase for your new laptop



This new slim laptop case from Koyono, the Booq 90 Series SlimCase, is like a snake - looks skinny, but can open its mouth really big to swallow up your laptop plus a some of your accessories and files. The dark ballistic nylon exterior (which looks a little overly masculine to me) opens up to a prettier red interior. Lots of pockets on the outside and inside to keep your stuff organized. Its horizontal orientation differentiates this one from the Boa SlimCase, which is vertical. Available in 3 different sizes to fIt 13 to 17 inch laptops, the SlimCase sells for $106 to $136 at Koyono, and now comes with a free Cool Feet Hot Laptop AIr Stand.

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