Wednesday, December 12, 2007

AMD admits it overpaid for ATI, will take unspecified charge

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Although you may not have been paying close attention to the actual breakdown, $3.2 billion of the staggering $5.6 billion AMD coughed up in order to acquire ATI last year was simply an estimated goodwill value. Unfortunately for the world's number two chip maker, that estimate wasn't exactly accurate. Reportedly, AMD admitted that it did indeed overpay for ATI, and to make matters worse, it noted that it would be forced to "write down the value of the goodwill estimate it attached to ATI" in a recent SEC filing. If you're curious about the exact amount, however, you'll be staying on pins and needles for the time being, as even AMD isn't sure how large the charge will be. Granted, things could certainly be worse, but we'd bet AMD would argue otherwise.


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